Nicoleta Porojanu ⁓ Psychologist | Therapist | Educator

Nicoleta Porojanu ⁓ Psychologist | Therapist | Educator

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I work with SEEKERS that are ready to start (or have started already) their journey within. I guide you to unpack and heal your past and transcend your conditioning so you can grow relationship attunement, open to happiness and create a meaningful and fulfilling life.
We are a good fit if you are a seeker, open to knowledge and experience, and have retained your “response ability” and choice in life.
We will work to help you understand your existence, to accept what is, to let go of the past and to integrate your life learnings into a coherent and meaningful lesson that will help you forgive, heal and transform.
You acknowledge you have been wounded in life and you are willing to heal the cause of your problems not just to improve your symptoms, as you realise that your past is impacting your relationships and your happiness and fulfilment in life.
You aim to live from a place of love, peace and compassion towards yourself, others and the world and remain committed to your journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.
Yet, you have many relationship issues, you feel stuck in your mind, you re-live the pain and trauma from your past, you feel under pressure in your work, career and social life, you find difficult to handle loss or illness, and you often go through stages of confusion and uncertainty.
Welcome to your 360ᶱ Life Makeover!
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